Everyone Deserves a Career They Love.

Learn the skills you need to transform your career.

Our training courses are written by some of Australia's leading career experts and provide everything you need to know to create your ideal career, including: 

  • How to win the hirer's attention with a powerful resume, 
  • Steps to attract job opportunities with a fully optimised  LinkedIn profile. 
  • How to write an application letter with impact. 
  • Tactics to master the interview and turn interviews into job offers
  • Strategies to optimise your application for success in an AI world.

Master the skills needed to future-proof your career and stand out from the crowd.

Explore our Signature Course

Australian Resumes - A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to showcase your brand

through your personal marketing documents

  • Resume

    The resume is often your first introduction to an employer so it's worth spending time crafting this document correctly. In our Australian Resume course, Gillian Kelly will show you how step-by-step so you too can have a winning resume.

  • Cover Letter

    A good cover letter is more powerful than people realise and can motivate the hirer to move you from just-another-applicant to the talent shortlist. Use the workbook and letterhead provided in our Australian Resume course to create a knock-out letter that will give the hirer reason to shortlist you!

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, and a hunting ground for many hirers. Our upcoming course will show you how to create a profile that makes you visible bringing work and opportunities to you, optimise your content and visibility, expand your network and build your credibility.

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Meet Gillian Kelly

Head of Talent Management
The Career Agency

A multi-credentialed Master Executive Resume Writer and Personal Branding Strategist with Global writing experience, Gillian is a recognised expert in her field.

Over the past 15 years, Gillian has worked with top-tier leaders and professionals in the creation of high-impact marketing materials showcasing the calibre of their talent, depth of experience and unique leadership styles.

Gillian is highly sought after for her talent in Executive Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Executive Biographies and leadership branding positioning.

Gillian has a passion for helping people stand out in their resumes and capture the attention of the hiring team.
Gillian Kelly, The Career Agency